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 Real Sintered Metals(Suzhou) Co., Ltd is located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou City,Professional engaged in R & D, production and marketing of high-end powder metallurgy parts. The world's best powder metallurgy multinational companies, the company's key personnel have worked for many years to master the cutting-edge technology of powder metallurgy process and accumulated a wealth of operating experience. Able to apply international advanced powder metallurgy materials and manufacturing process of high-density (7.6 g / cc), high-intensity (alternative 20CrMnTi), high-precision and complex shape of the powder metallurgy parts.
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Ruiou sales network throughout China, based in china. Radiation global.
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Last week, copper prices were suppressed...
2011 is the first year of China's "12th ...

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Real Sintered Metals(Suzhou) Co., Ltd
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